Friday, April 26, 2013

Meaning of the Boston Marathon Bombing

I know in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings by two Chechen terrorists, that people are looking for the ultimate meaning behind it all.  For one, Chechen rebels, terrorists, are some of the most deadly in the world, as the Russians have discovered.  And the Russians are no slouches when it comes to brutal responses, and payback.  For the Chechens to continue terror attacks against the Russians says something about them.  But amazingly enough, the whole incident, from bombing to the killing and/or capture of these two Chechen brothers was over with in five short days.  But let's back up a little bit, from this lone incident and try to get the Big picture, which will show us it is not a lone incident, but is being driven by a spiritual force.  Up until the early 1980s, all terrorism was basically politically motivated, not over religion or religiously driven.  Since the 1980s that has done an about-face, where over 85 percent of all terrorism is religiously motivated and driven.  And the driving force of modern terrorism (I know it's not politically correct to say so, but neither Jesus nor Bible prophecy are politically correct) comes from Islamic/Arabic sources, the Muslim world.  And all since the early 1980s.  For a good primer on this subject, see:

But where is it all headed?  I realize Chechnya is not part of the Arabic world.  But Chechens are strongly Muslim, and they also send volunteers to Afghanistan to fight alongside the Taliban against the Americans.  But again I ask, where is all this headed?  What is the driving "spirit" behind all of this? And it is a spiritual force driving this, make no mistake. The whole 11th chapter of Daniel is about the four divided kingdoms that sprang off of Alexander the Great's Greek Empire at the time of his untimely death.  As you get to the end of Daniel 11, two of those four kingdoms get swallowed up by the two that remain.  Daniel names these two kingdoms that remain "the king of the north" and "the king of the south."  The "king of the north" ended up being the Roman Empire, and at the end of Daniel 11, the "king of the north" represents an end-time resurrection of this deadly ferocious Roman Empire.  And this "king of the south" represents a federation of Arabic nations, whose headquarters is Egypt, and Cairo.  Daniel 11, verse 40 predicts that this "king of the south" pushes in some way at this "king of the north", which triggers World War III, leading eventually, three years down the road, to the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.  What evidence do we have that an Arabic/Muslim caliphate is forming into what the Bible calls in Daniel 11, "the king of the south"?  Read these fine current events articles to see where this is all leading.  

New York City had its taste of this spiritual force which is driving these Arabic nations into "the king of the south," an Arabic/Muslim caliphate.  Now Boston has just had its taste of this same spiritual force which is driving this religious movement forward.  Keep a weather-eye on Syria, for when Basher Assad's regime falls, this Muslim Brotherhood caliphate is ready to form.  Watch the Middle East.  And yes, some of that has spilled over onto US soil, because the US has been involved directly in suppressing Arabic/Muslim extremism (in response, understandably, to 9/11).  In the end, the United States of America will not have the resolve to end this conflict, but a empire rising out of Europe will possess that resolve. 

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