Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ministry of Reconciliation

One Of The Most Important Studies To Come Down the Pike: The Ministry of Reconciliation

Hi folks. This is a heads-up notification.  I just finished transcribing an incredible six-sermon set on the Ministry of Reconciliation.  I had thought my condensed series of Gary Petty's Agape series was the best thing to go up on the site, but this one is even better.  It's genuine grade A T-bone steak, real spiritual meat.  For the new section, see:

PS, also working on an expository section for the Book of Hebrews, which is about to be expanded through Hebrews chapter 8.  Hebrews 4, 6 through 8 are a bit controversial, but then this whole book was just that when Paul sent it from Rome to the brethren living in Jerusalem and Judea.  Check it out at; and for Hebrews 4, see: