Monday, June 27, 2011

The Plain Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

My Israeli webhost just posted my article (recently researched and written) about what brought about the demise of the Worldwide Church of God as a Sabbatarian Church of God. Although painful for some to read, it was written because many if not most ex-Worldwide Church of God members do not realize why God allowed the Worldwide Church of God to be destroyed. Obviously this is true because the major splinter denominations which split off of WCG in 1995 still continue to make the very same mistakes and treat people the same way WCG did. Why? Because no one has really taught them why God was so displeased with the WCG and why he destroyed the WCG. We all tend to think that a man (or two of them) destroyed the Worldwide Church of God (and they certainly had a good hand in it), but it was really God who allowed them to do it, because he didn't like what he saw or what leadership within the Worldwide Church of God had been doing to those under them. This article was written because there is a need to know for those poor exWCG members who had to go through all of this. There is a need to know because the mistakes that led to the demise of the Worldwide Church of God continue to be made. If that weren't true, there would be no need to write and publish this article, and doing so would be worse than gossip. But this article has redeeming value because it not only names the sins, but points a way out of them, for those who are willing to listen. Click on the title to this blog to take you to the article. By the way, I was a loyal member of the Worldwide Church of God from April of 1970 to around 1996-7, having contributed multiple tens of thousands of dollars in tithes and offerings to God through the WCG. Most longtime WCG members, like me, were truly financial investors in the WCG in that sense, and I would say because of our time and money "invested", we all have the right to know the plain truth about what really happened and why. In spite of the errors (which were in the nature of the hierarchal non-Biblical governmental structure of the Worldwide Church of God), Mr. Armstrong did lay a good foundation doctrinally for Sabbath-keeping Churches of God. But like all foundations, buildings must be built upon them. Right now that foundation sits there, with nothing built upon it. Have you ever seen people (usually ones in the country, out in the woods) who don't have sufficient funds to build their house right away, so they build their foundation, cover over the top of it and live in it until they have the funds to build the house? That is about what we have in the various Sabbath-keeping Churches of God right now. What is it God would have us build on that foundation we were given, and what would God have us avoid in building materials? Check out the upper nav bar buttons on the Worldwide Church of God section for some really good answers to those two timely questions.