Sunday, November 24, 2013

Book of Hebrews section expands through Hebrews chapter 8

My webhost has just put up the files going from Hebrews chapters 5-8, so we're a little over 2/3 the way through the Book of Hebrews.  Enjoy.  The new files are at:

Also got a new article about how evangelism walks on two legs, can be found in the Worldwide Church of God section at:

And one more on Family Prayer-groups at:

I finished through 2nd Thessalonians and am currently working on 1st Timothy.  My short-term goal is to have Paul's epistles finished by June 2014, 1st and  2nd Peter and Jude finished by the Fall Holy Days.

Pastor Joe gives some pretty sound arguments for a pre-Trib Rapture/1st Resurrection of the saints in the 1st Thessalonians 2:16-18 transcript.  The whole subject of differing interpretations for 2nd Coming prophecies is discussed as an addendum to the end of the Matthew 24:1-31 study, as well as on the title page of the Prophecy section, where I challenge theologians and denominational leaders to get their act together on the proper interpretation of 2nd Coming prophecies.  To read this challenge, see: