Saturday, September 5, 2015

America--The Modern Romans

While I was in Maine I finished a large book-length "article" titled "America--The Modern Romans" (about 66 pages long, but each chapter averages a short 12 pages long, so a chapter a day makes it an easy read).  It details American history from 1941 to the present, showing who started the Cold War, and details why Vladimir Putin is doing what he is doing, which has deep Russian-historic origins we as Americans have not taken into consideration.  And due to this historic oversight on our part, Vladimir Putin out of sincere security concerns for Russia, is trying to destabilize and neutralize NATO as a military bloc.  Vladimir views America as Russia's number one enemy, and historically speaking, this is our, America's fault, not Vlad's.  But what Vladimir is doing to destabilize NATO will have a lot to do with the formation of the prophetic "Beast Empire" in the form of some kind of United States of Europe, a coming military superpower which will threaten world peace and ultimately bring on World War III.  This is a long article, and well documented, but for the stated reasons here, well worth the read.  For in the final analysis, it is we Americans, through out short-sighted foreign policy toward first the Soviet Union, and now the Russian Federation, which will ultimately be responsible for the formation of this coming military superpower in Europe which will end up threatening all life on the planet.  To read this "article" log onto:

Considering how Vladimir and the Russian Federation are all over the Middle East right now, with both "boots on the ground" in the form of airbases, T-90 tanks, and powerful naval hardware off the coast of Syria, this article explaining Vlad's and Russia's motives is extremely timely.