Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dinosaurs and man, what's it mean

If any of you are unbelievers, or don't know whether the world was created, with all life on it, or just evolved like everybody says nowadays, consider this. The dinosaurs died 65 million years ago, as a direct result of two, not one, but two global-killer asteroids hitting the earth, one in the Yucitan Peninsula, (6.25 square miles in size), and another in the Bay of Bombay (25 square miles). The resulting ash thrown into the atmosphere directly, and also later from 500,000 years of resultant volcanic activity in the Indian subcontinent, completely blanked out the suns rays in a thick ash-cloud, killing all, yes all photosynthesis. All life died (probably within two weeks of the asteroid hits). All life on land, all life in the oceans died. Without photosynthesis, life dies, all life. Ask any biologist. Now dinosaurs have complex DNA, just like we do. The complexity of DNA, if it evolved at all, would take more than a mere 65 million years to "re-evolve". It goes against the laws of probability for DNA to have "re-evolved" within such a short geological time-span, Then at the end of this 65 million year time-span between their death and the beginning of the recorded history of man, mankind and all the animal and plant life we're familiar with suddenly appears (some scientists say within the last 100,000 years of that 65 million years). Is there a probable explanation other than direct creation? To view a more complete treatment of this subject, log onto:

Oh, and for you that are new-earth creationists, why would God use the record of the rocks to fabricate a lie? The record of the rocks plainly show dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago, yet you say they lived with man, and propose that the record of the rocks is a clever hoax. A hoax of who? God created earth, God created dinosaurs, God created man. Geologists are trained scientists. They know the record of the rocks is accurate. God doesn't lie, even in the record of the rocks. Comments, anyone?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hi everyone

Hi everyone, I'm Pete and I'm totally new at this blogging thing, but I figured it may be one of the best and easiest ways to create an active discussion group for UNITYINCHRIST.COM. Everyone is free to post comments on this blogsite, believer, non-believer, friends, and not so friendly ones. Through the comments section you can have an honest and open discussion forum. But please keep your comments within the lines of common decency, regarding other's beliefs and sensitivities, i.e. no nasty stuff. Have any questions, doctrinal, personal, you name it, feel free to post a comment asking me. I have a varied spiritual background that spans both the Gentile and Jewish side of the body of Christ, with Sabbatarian Church of God being in the middle of those two. I spent 25 years in a Sabbatarian Church of God (observing Sabbath and Holy Days) for 25 years, then a Calvary Chapel for 10 and a Messianic Jewish congregation for 2.5 years. For a more complete explanation of this weird spiritual journey I've been on, going from Sabbath to Sunday to Sabbath again log onto: