Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Worldwide Church of God Section of this Website Expanding Now to 10 Articles and One Large Subsection on Agape

Six new articles have just gone up, one titled The Sabbath and Hospitality,  another titled Are You In A New Wineskin or An Old Brittle Wineskin? as well as new ones have also just gone up titled How Does Jesus Want Us To Observe His Sabbath Day?', 'We're the Salt & Light of the World, and the Fishers of Men,' 'How To Give A Connective Expository Sermon,'  and an article submitted by a guest-author, Arthur Suckling, a pastor in the United Church of God, who wrote the article 'The Great Divide.'  All can be viewed by logging onto the Worldwide Church of God section whose link is below.  All Sabbath/Holy Day observing Christians will want to read those new articles.  They take a real hard look at where we've been in the past, and where Jesus in Scripture indicates he wants us to go now.  All of them are a bit controversial for us Sabbath-keeping Church of God folks, but so is the Word of God, from which they are strongly based.  Check them out by logging onto the Worldwide Church of God link below: 

These articles highlight areas we as Sabbath-keeping Christians really need to grow in spiritually.  All the articles in this expanded Worldwide Church of God section focus on where we've been and where we need to go, or in one instance, what we should avoid (i.e. Arianism).  Jesus' desire is to show us off to the world, but he can't do that if we continue to hide under the various rocks we've gotten used to hiding under, such rocks as Exclusivism, Pharisaism (legalism), Arianism, lack of God's agape-love, just to name a few. 

This post if filed under "church unity."  Be sure to click on that "label" at the bottom of this post and see how this post fits in with the rest under that label heading.  There is a very interesting pattern that is developing here.  A year ago, my whole intention was to continue building up the expository transcripts going through the Gospel of Luke.  The Lord sort of brought me on a year-long detour and inspired me to create the articles in the Worldwide Church of God section, one after the other.  So click on that label "church unity"  under this post, and see if you can see a pattern or theme the Lord has been influencing me to write on.