Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Passover/Spring Holy Days

Passover/Spring Holy Days,
a time for some review,
a time for some new material

The Passover will be here really soon, Passover day falling on the 6th of April this year, starting at sundown on the evening of the 5th April. Some good old standby's for articles are the ones on the The Exodus From Egypt and The Last Six Days of Jesus Christ, and of course, the old faithful article about Leaven. You can access them by clicking on:

For all the various (375 of them) Sabbath-keeping Churches of God whose parent church was the Worldwide Church of God, the Worldwide Church of God section has been expanding. And the articles now included in it are very Passover appropriate. One four-part series is on the vital subject of Agape, and how with God's Holy Spirit, we're supposed to develop this godly love within us, or else our Christianity is hollow, empty. The other one, hot off the keyboard, is an article which concerns each and every one of us Sabbath-observing Church of God Christians. It is an article proving the Sabbath Commandment has not been abrogated. That one should interest all of you. But be careful, like the Word of God it is based upon, it cuts both ways, like the double-edge sword God's Word is. As such, at least for now, it is not aimed at Sunday-observers, although you folk can feel free to read it too. Go to these two links at:

The core of what it means to be a Christian is in the article to be found in the first link, the one about Agape. The Sabbath not being abrogated issue is covered in the second link. Both are kind of hot potatoes for us, as time grows shorter to the Lord's coming, and we need to be taking these things (i.e. our Christianity) seriously. Have a good Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread everybody.