Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Section Just Went Up:  Psalms---Deepen Your Relationship With God

I have just created a new section for Psalms, and it's growing fast, I have already put up Psalms 1 through through Psalm 32.  Anything a believer could be going through, all the emotional ups and downs of life are powerfully expressed in the Psalms.  This new section will enhance your relationship and prayer-life with God.  I find myself praying these Psalms as they apply to my life, and it has deepened my relationship with God greatly.  To log onto the Psalms section, see:

Also I just updated the "Does God Exist?" section to include a scientific explanation for why we believe what we believe based on a March 2015 National Geographic article titled "War On Science."  My article explains why the human brain will hold onto religious beliefs, be they true of false, even of atheism and unproven theories like evolution, in the face of real hard-core scientific evidence to the contrary.  It's an interesting explanation, and it is scientific, going into the neuroscience of the human brain.  To see this one, go to: