Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Testament Section Finished: 

Epistle Section and Two New Sections to Check Out:

I finished up all the Epistles expository transcripts in mid October, and just got them up on the site.  This finishes up all the New Testament for this site.  Next I will go on to cover Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon next as my long-term goal.

I finished a Faith section for the site.

I also created a new section titled "Does God Exist?"  Most people don't want to know God exists, so they're just fine with their beliefs in evolutionary theory.  But for those who truly have genuine and honest questions about God's existence, you will find in the accompanying articles, that evolutionary theory doesn't have a leg to stand on.  You can always prove God's existence, he doesn't want blind faith.  But do you want to know God exists?  That is the all-important question.  Do you want a loving God in your life, lovingly directing your steps through life, and offering you eternal life at the end of it all?  If the answer to those two questions is yes, then check out the articles linked below.

(to be added to this section shortly will be this article, at this link:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pastoral Epistles Finished, Now Working On The General Epistles

The last of the pastoral Epistles have been uploaded going through Timothy, Titus and Philemon.  We are now working on the General Epistles and have gone as far as through all of 1st Peter   see,

Hopefully, I will be done with the General Epistles by mid-Fall or a little sooner.  Working quietly offline in a nice house on the beach in southern Maine, no internet connection, peace and quiet, just me and my computer and the occasional mouse poking his head out from behind a book in the bookcase.

Article on Unity for the Sabbath-keeping Churches of God

Oh, for the Sabbath-keeping Church of God side of the Body of Christ I just put up an interesting article about achieving an attitude that promotes unity and spiritual maturity within this side of the Body of Christ.  To read it, log onto:

Important Sermon by Victor Kubik along with Time Magazine quote show where Vladimir Putin is headed, and what this means in end-time prophecy

Also a really good sermon by Victor Kubic has just gone up, describing what's going on in the Ukraine and Middle East in that same section, and an incredible sermon by Gary Petty on the "fruits of the Spirit."  As reported in the 4th August 2014 issue of Time Magazine, on page 28, these two sentences say it all about the Ukraine and show you what motivating force is now acting to inspire Europe to unite and become a superpower militarily and economically, a powerful United States of Europe.  I quote, "So Putin presses ahead.  His increasingly overt goal is to splinter Europe, rip up the NATO umbrella and restore Russian influence around the world."  So click on that "unity" link above, and scroll to the right for the link going to Victor Kubik's sermon about what's going on in the Ukraine.  Coupled to that Time Magazine quote, you will see what is going to end up driving Europe to unify into a world superpower which will leave the world gasping in wonder, and ultimately bring on World War III.  (The link to his sermon is titled "Crisis in Ukraine")

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Pastoral Epistles: Paul's Instructions For Local Pastors

In 1st Timothy the apostle Paul instructs Timothy about the requirements for ordination of local teaching-pastors, deacons and deaconesses, how a pastor is to treat an "elder" (not another pastor, by context and grammar, but a man over 60), young men, older women, younger women, older widows, younger widows, slaves and masters (don't forget the Roman Empire was 50 percent slave in population).  Also in 1st Timothy the apostle Paul instructs Timothy (who is his emissary, representative to the local pastors at Ephesus) about what is important for a pastor to teach, the major doctrines of the faith, and reading through the Word of God, not to focus on twiggy issues.  And that is just a short summation of what's in the first Pastoral Epistle, 1st Timothy.  Transcripts of the three Pastoral Epistles will be coming along, about one Epistle a month up till June, so keep a lookout here for updates and links to these important instructions from Paul to local pastors.  It's important to remember, the Pastoral Epistles can be applied to everyone, but most importantly, they are the personal instructions from the apostle Paul which should govern how pastors are to behave and act toward those under them in the congregation, not like authotarian goose-stepping Nazi's, but treating everyone like you would members of your own family, and it is, the family of God you've been entrusted the care of, as loving elder brothers over the flock of God (see 1st Timothy 5:1-2 for that particular instruction in this series).  These are the Bible's instructions on how pastors should act, what they should and shouldn't teach and major in, the whole nine yards of instructions from the apostle Paul to Timothy and Titus, overseers of the pastors under them.  Lately, the question has been asked on Christianity Today's CT-Today online news letter, "how should a pastor be dealt with if he has a moral failing?"  "Should he remain in ministry?" they asked, and after several major recent moral failings of pastors, several articles on CT-Today got wide coverage and multiple comments after their articles.  All ask the question, "Can the pastor be restored, and return to office?"  As you will read in the transcripts below covering 1st and 2nd Timothy, yes, the person can be restored.  But can he be restored to the office of an elder, teaching-pastor?  Paul says a resounding "no way."  When we get to his instructions to Titus, the same message comes through loud and clear.  There are certain "qualifiers" given by the apostle Paul for pastors, elders, which must not be violated.  These Pastoral Epistles are also very nourishing spiritually for ordinary believers as well.  There is no reason a local member of a church can't be just as spiritually pure as a pastor, meet the same standards.  Thus these Epistles are beautiful for spiritual growth.  Enjoy.  Titus and Philemon are coming next, probably in early July.

For the connective expository series on 1st Timothy and the first half of 2nd Timothy,  see: