Friday, January 22, 2010

New Book of Revelation Commentary (pretty awesome, if not a bit controversial)

There is a new section on the site.  I have put together a commentary on the Book of Revelation (with the help of J. Vernon McGee and other sources, and of course the most important source, letting the Bible interpret its own symbols).  The church history section (Revelation 2-3) to start off with, is a bit controversial, taking a hard look at both Sabbatarian Churches of God and Gentile Sunday observing Christian revivals, going back to Asia Minor and Judea of the first Church era.  Like I said, some of the conclusions are controversial, but I think they bear some merit, or at least some honest consideration. You'll love that last two chapters, Revelation 21-22 as well, a real encouraging future for the entire Body of Christ. The nav button for this Book of Revelation commentary on the left-hand nav bar is just below the nav bar button of Daniel.  Enjoy.  I'm glad I'm finished, gave me some restless nights.  Why was I inspired to do Revelation?  Search me.  I think the Lord may want parts of his body of believers to wake up and get with it, maybe, considering how close we may be to the end of this "age of man."  Don't know.  Anyway, enjoy.  

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